The fascination of Five Guys Burger and Fires remains a mystery to me.

There is a level of truth to the idea that I grade multi state, chain fast food restaurants with a thicker and bolder red pen. But I do feel their presence, outside of middle of America’s highway and byways is taking away from local individual entrepreneurs to take a shot at their own independently owned and operated food service businesses.

Yet, I still keep my reviews unbiased and always willing to give high marks if the chain is deserving of them.

My first experience with Five Guys was in South Carolina and I was quite disappointed. After reading a NY Times article about America’s Fastest Growing Companies, which Five Guys was written up quite well. From their humble beginnings right up to the point of burger super power  that they have become and remain today, my excitement was high but was once again left with a high level of disappointment . Highly greasy, high fat, low quality chopped meat and inferior ingredients in all other toppings. 

**How I miss the wonderful In and Out Burger in SoCal.** (Southern California).

The South Carolina experience aside, I hoped again that the locations in NY would be better. New Yorkers demand better quality food, so my thinking was reasonable in theory.

Strike up the sound of the the incorrect answer buzzer sound  from Family Feud- AAAhhhahHHa-not the Louie Anderson toned down buzz, no. The Richard Dawson buzzer: AAAhhhahHHaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The Little Bacon Burger was an overpriced greasy mess served to me in a thin piece of greasy aluminum foil. How about offering the customer a complete roll of paper towels for an up-charge of $1.00, which I would have happily purchased.

$6.96 bought me a hamburger with no drink, no french fries. The bacon was the size of flooring splinters and so charred  were they in color and taste, they held absolutely no flavor, the lettuce and tomato amounted to one slice of each and were as wet as a pair of Sunday afternoon swimming trunks.

The workers were all under 25, realistically closer to 20. They did their jobs well enough, friendly, smiling, respectful and helpful, which was the bright spot in my experience, if you want to find a bright spot, flickering candle in a hurricane.

I can not at this point convince myself to revisit any of the Five Guys locations, as I just do not see my experience becoming much better.

About glenn van nostrand

Spent some years making my way around the cities and states, working, learning about new food ideas and planting and eating my share. Making my points about rejecting the corporate take over of our food source to my opinions about the New York food scene. LASTLY: No matter the size of my living area, I am always growing herbs & vegetables and enjoy the nurturing experiences of the growth to the nutritional value it gives from the table. View all posts by glenn van nostrand

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