Local breakfast options for those on the run, that won’t cost you over $5.00. Yes. We have that.

But this morning I was in the mood for something different, the breakfast special seemed to fit the bill. One egg with your choice of ham, bacon or sausage on a roll, add .75 for American cheese. 
Just because there is no open flame cooking for the eggs had little bearing on purchasing a fair priced and good tasting breakfast sandwich. Glendale bake shop had been doing that for years, additionally the owner offered up the cook preparation, before getting to work on my order. 
Having open flame cooking requires a massive monetary investment to punch through to the 2nd floor, to the roof assuming you have the landlords permission. 

When speaking to the owner, I mentioned that I remember the prior business, which was called Hye Grocery. “That was 27 years ago” she offered with a kind smile “and I have been here ever since”. 

Personally I find breakfast the second most enjoyable meal of the day. Dinner will always hold top billing, as the preparation time, anxiety and excitement of options has just about all day to build.

Lunch is great and I do not intend to minimize the meal that keeps the energy level up and is useful for uninspiring first dates, second job interviews where you sit there wondering “Once they hire me, how many months until the unfortunate reality sets in of ‘I know more than 3/4 of the people here, why am I not in charge?’

Breakfast can be as unexciting as a bowl of oatmeal, yet I do find grits quite interesting and exciting,  not the instant. But can take on dinner like attributes of cooking such as poaching and baking, turning out items such as souffles, crepes and the simple yet comforting Italian Frittata, a personal favorite of mine.

Perhaps these advanced dishes are not easy to come by due mainly to location, but is an egg McMuffin really the next step down for a hot breakfast outside of the home? I must confess I see the blueprint of that disturbing scenario looming ever closer, as it an impending outcome already decided.

That’s not America folks, we are the country that was built on asking questions, not a country that will not ask the questions and accept the current state of affairs. But as a microcosm of the broader picture, what will be our options if these small Mom and Pop locations all are forced to close their doors and fall by the way side, eventually becoming a distant memory.

A bakery that serves a limited breakfast open for twenty seven years is an impressive amount of time for any business to survive. Add to the fact that Metropolitian Avenue experiences the marginal foot traffic and food & beverage establishments do not have an extended shelf life on The Avenue, between Ascan Ave and 68th Avenue.

Break the Chain! Support your local merchant and help put Local back on the map and menu!


About glenn van nostrand

Spent some years making my way around the cities and states, working, learning about new food ideas and planting and eating my share. Making my points about rejecting the corporate take over of our food source to my opinions about the New York food scene. LASTLY: No matter the size of my living area, I am always growing herbs & vegetables and enjoy the nurturing experiences of the growth to the nutritional value it gives from the table. View all posts by glenn van nostrand

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