When Herbs Come Due, cont..

I have heard that Armenian people store their parsley in a unique fashion which I did intend on trying,, below is a photo to illustrate my best efforts to recreate their long history of working with preserving herbs and vegetables.Image

The other preservation method I am employing is a simple dry parsley which will also be placed in the freezer, given to me by my neighbor..

Take a cookie tin, lay out your stemless parsley, bake in the oven on low heat and upon completion crumble the dried leaves into the storage implement of your choice.ImageImageImage


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  • 1EarthUnited

    Thanks for this traditional recipe. To preserve the vital enzymes further, I would use a food dehydrator and grind the dried leaves. It’s a tasty seasoning when you mix it with sea salt and sesame seeds. Bottle it, it deserves to be on the table. ☼

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