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Ready for Easter brunch.

Foodporn 201.

Il Poeta: Twenty Years of Serving Northern Italian food in Forest Hills.

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Far be it from me to be cliche, but my first local culinary trip to IL Poeta was an awakening. For a kid that grew up with a Northern Italian grandma in the kitchen, then a generation skipped, minus my many replication cooking attempts — I wasnt actively enjoying the food that I grew up with & I missed it..

The verbal delivery of the Specials List was a symphony of one delectable kitchen creation after the next & spoken by former cook, Lazaro, who answered my few questions with knowledge based passion – not a fraction of hesitation. The lentils placed infront of me waited in extra virgin olive oil, while I approached with a wondeful artisan Tuscano bread.

A beautiful early Spring evening called for a light soup and luckily, a long-time favorite of Potato & Leek was available. A perfect starter dish as the balance of the fresh ingredients was a statement primi piatti.

Secundi came the Bufala de Mozzarella with Prosciutto de Parma was another experience, a reawakening from a time past of cured hams hung from the Italian butchers grandma & grandpa took me to.

After one beer down and another about too be ordered a third finishing starter was a debate between Polenta and Fried Calamari, and calamari it was. Bellisimo! Delicious, light in breading and a fresh resistance to the squid ringlettes.

The owner Mario was kind enough to catch up with us at the door to thank us for our patronage and shared a few other kind words.

Folks, IL Poeta is an absolute sit down dinner must.

Cozy La Coya Peruvian is a Welcome Addition to the Metropolitan Avenue Food Scene.

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Likely the most eye catching of the Forest Hills section of Metropolitan Avenue’s bleak restaurant scene, as the mustard colored corner location seems to draw my attention every time I pass by.
Each of the few times I have eaten at La Coya, I have left with mixed feelings from food to service, never getting the handle I wanted to grasp upon, the foothold I needed too write a proper review.

A big foodie friend keeps pulling on my ear, insisting I give a few meals on the menu a shot that I’ve not had previously. Much to the waitstaffs well hidden chagrin — at ten minutes of 11:00PM on Saturday night we strode inside, if not for anything else but to thwart any regular continuum of naggery.

Chevice de Camarones and Chevice de Pescade has the significant flavor of lime juice as the recipe calls for as we sampled from each others dishes. A dangerous question to ask Mr former Iron Constitution & Stomach, goes something like this “would you like it spicy?” The answer inevitably always comes out in the affirmative but the stomach is not as cast iron as it was, years gone.
The white hominy and sliced red onion did not absorb much of the clear liquid, what was unique too me was the intensity of the translucent sauces spice and the high prawn count which looked too be close to ten, I ignored the seething pain upon my tongue and kept going.

Anticuchos de Corazon was a nice little dish, each tender bit of chicken was well marinated with spices, the vinegar came on a little strong but well enough that the table ordered another three. Speaking of three, I was sucking down three dollar Negro Modelos like water, which only perpetuated the pain which continued to spread around like molten lava in my mouth & other orifices.

Tres Leche was a wonderful finishing dessert (remember: when on fire, getcha self some milk, cudos Adam Richmond — great call bro) and not being much of a fan of sweets, this tall caramel cake not only doused the fire but cleansed my palate and left a light creamy flavor through the exit door to home.