Il Poeta: Twenty Years of Serving Northern Italian food in Forest Hills.

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Far be it from me to be cliche, but my first local culinary trip to IL Poeta was an awakening. For a kid that grew up with a Northern Italian grandma in the kitchen, then a generation skipped, minus my many replication cooking attempts — I wasnt actively enjoying the food that I grew up with & I missed it..

The verbal delivery of the Specials List was a symphony of one delectable kitchen creation after the next & spoken by former cook, Lazaro, who answered my few questions with knowledge based passion – not a fraction of hesitation. The lentils placed infront of me waited in extra virgin olive oil, while I approached with a wondeful artisan Tuscano bread.

A beautiful early Spring evening called for a light soup and luckily, a long-time favorite of Potato & Leek was available. A perfect starter dish as the balance of the fresh ingredients was a statement primi piatti.

Secundi came the Bufala de Mozzarella with Prosciutto de Parma was another experience, a reawakening from a time past of cured hams hung from the Italian butchers grandma & grandpa took me to.

After one beer down and another about too be ordered a third finishing starter was a debate between Polenta and Fried Calamari, and calamari it was. Bellisimo! Delicious, light in breading and a fresh resistance to the squid ringlettes.

The owner Mario was kind enough to catch up with us at the door to thank us for our patronage and shared a few other kind words.

Folks, IL Poeta is an absolute sit down dinner must.


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