Village Barn, Sliver Barn and Joe.

The decisions that led up to the creation of Village Barn I do not know of, as I remain a magnetic force of local business talk on the street.

This is not breaking news, but there is a trend, a shift, a movement to organically grown produce here in Queens for the better part of seven years..

Eating cleaner foods is healthier, so they say thru print and digital media and the usual social media platforms. For years, I have taken a genuine interest in filtering through and reading closely what is being said. Neither has provided me a firmness of opinion on the main points, I mut now return to the racks of my university library.

With a cleaner foods mind set can come the aesthetic improvements both inside and out of Queens New Yorks grocery stores, to coincide with ‘out with the old and in with the new’ identity. There are now three grocery stores in a five square mile radius that have outfitted their storefronts and interiors with modern equipment and more attractive displays and ways of displaying.

Inasmuch as the new looks adds some value from a customer experience point of view, the prior business (Sliver Barn Farms) had a charm on to itself. Shopping there was a look back to yester years day of food shopping, an identity of quality goods at a fair value, from a long and trusted local merchant. People you knew and they knew you too.

It’s sad to report that I do not see much dollar value just yet in the everyday needs to nourish a household, but I do see this above mentioned trend, the movement, the shift towards designer food related items ramping up here. Flipping the can, a jar or a box over reveals fugures that caught me off guard, the prices can really pinch you in the pocket if your not paying attention upon receiving your total due at the registers.

Two Broccoli Rabe bundles cost me three times the amount from grocery stores closer to me and this happens to be the prime time of the season for this sturdy green. So, I choose not to make the purchase and passed it down the line, away from the bar code reader.

It was at that point that it was said that the “California wild fires” shoulder the burden of the blame in rising costs — as it was not only the broccoli price that spiked.

So, I did look it up & the LA TIMES did well to outline the specific crops affected. However, the ildfires damage passed down a three percent increase, so although a plausible rebuttal, fell short of the financial mark.

I’m concerned about this trend, movement, shift as local retirees on a fixed income may now be considering additional shopping options. I had high hopes that Village Barn would enhance Silver Barns strengths while renovating the space to make it attractive to customers and price sensitive.

Not being a heavily price conscience shopper, as you do get what you pay for, most all the items seem to be very expensive at a time where Whole Foods, Trader Joes are cutting prices on organic products.

I suspect a long road ahead unless Village Barn re-positions their products through diversification and reconsider their pricing structure a bit.


About glenn van nostrand

Spent some years making my way around the cities and states, working, learning about new food ideas and planting and eating my share. Making my points about rejecting the corporate take over of our food source to my opinions about the New York food scene. LASTLY: No matter the size of my living area, I am always growing herbs & vegetables and enjoy the nurturing experiences of the growth to the nutritional value it gives from the table. View all posts by glenn van nostrand

9 responses to “Village Barn, Sliver Barn and Joe.

  • glenn van nostrand

    @oldpoet56 Thank you very much for taking your time to read the venting session of mine. They seem to be increasing in disappointments lately.. lol


  • oldpoet56

    Very well done article, excellent read.


  • Morpheus Zzz

    We’re seeing the shift out here as well. All but one of the grocery stores here in Gig Harbor, WA have been remodeled into “boutique” markets, and the prices reflect it. They all pretty much look alike too, so I don’t know why they feel the need to remodel or tear down the older ones. The new ones are no longer unique or special.

    This may be TMI, but when my youngest was born we decided to go organic as much as possible—at least with meat and dairy. I was curious if the growth hormones in the food we eat was to blame for the early onset of puberty. My other 3 girls were 10 when it started! I was well into my teens, so this shift is disturbing to me. My youngest is now 10 herself. She’s starting the process with big growth spurts in her height, etc. but not the rest…yet. Her doc thinks it will be another year or so. I’m still shocked at how young and still have insufficient clarity as to the cause. It does seem prudent, however, to not eat things that have chemicals in them. Now if I could learn to avoid all the bottled or boxed things in the inner aisles of the stores. It’s difficult to go back to how grandma did it and give up all the convenience items.


    • glenn van nostrand

      Very very interesting that your area is “shifting” so quickly. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Gig Harbour a bit… shall we say — upper crust? I know there is a boat manufacturer that carries that name.

      Not 2 much info, I’m fascinated. So the organic diet bought about puberty sooner.

      The effort we must put forth to avoid cans, bags and boxes is significant. The farmers markets in Forest Hills is seasonal only.. 😕


      • Morpheus Zzz

        Gig Harbor itself is a bit upper crust, although it is growing really quickly with a ton of new homes, apartment complexes, condos going in which will change the dynamic. There has been a lot of unhappiness expressed toward our city council (recently voted out) because of poor growth management. We’re already seeing traffic delays. A neighboring peninsula which is tied closely to GH is more rural and has a larger population of folks who are living below the poverty line. Out there, you can see a million-dollar home next to a property with tarps, tents, junked cars, etc.

        Re the puberty issue, it’s possible the (mostly) organic diet has delayed the onset of puberty for my youngest. She’s almost 11 and menstruation hasn’t started yet; however we’re seeing the growth spurts. Everyone is different, but our other three daughters actually got their periods at 10. I was hoping the change in diet was actually helping her get to be a kid a little longer.

        Sorry about this odd shift of topic on your food blog! 🤗

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  • tanjabrittonwriter

    I also think it helps to have a healthy dose of skepticism, even though the idea(l) of eating food that does not teem with artificial chemicals is very appealing.

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  • Gary 'Gaz' Lum

    I remain sceptical about the ‘organic’ movement. In my mind organic only means carbon-based, it doesn’t mean cleaner or healthier. I wonder how well audited, so-called organic products are in terms of the claims being made.

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