No Butt’s About it, Metro is Filthy!

Double walks have me out and about on Metropolitan Avenue twice a day and I am becoming frustrated with the amount of continual litter strewn from each sidewalks end to end along every block, and its getting worse.

The responsibility to address the litter issue is that of the absentee property owner that usually does nothing nd ignores it completely. So for the most part, the liter remains on the sidewalks, as the upstairs apartment rental dwellers don’t deal with it either — and so it remains. And with each pass, upon an easy glance, more and more articles of trash, stack and slide into their resting place.

The litters preferred spot to settle is within the corners that sit upon higher than normal sized walls that make up parking lots or doorways and/or at the base of trees with overgrown grass along a strip of Forest Hills fixture stores. And with a new gust of wind, the collection adds and adds, gets rained on, packs down and accepts more. These winds can be intense during the winter months and have a propensity of increasing velocity gusts upwards of thirty miles per hour.

Throughout each of our days, over the course of years, more little liter clusters are adding up by kicking up, twisting the papers and wrappers in the air — they spin land in the same general areas, having added more to their growing collection.

Each day our walk begins with litter and ends with litter. Each day I take an extra empty plastic bag with me when walking to Forest Park walking six blocks east of Alderton Street along the North side of Metropolitan Avenue.

I think to myself “I can’t fix this, but I will do my part for our precious parks, for nature and for Merto”. And I finished my thought with. “If I could catch an offender in the act, I’d let give them an ear full of my thoughts.”

I do understand the nuisance of carrying garbage further than we care to. That as New Yorkers were moving quickly and might not think to pick up something we have dropped. But we must look beyond our immediate feelings of annoyance and to go the extra block to a garbage can and properly dispose of your garbage.

In a feeble attempt to push my agenda to the feet of the offenders, I say, People Please! Just hang on to it a bit longer, a proper receptacle will be around the next turn.

About glenn van nostrand

Spent some years making my way around the cities and states, working, learning about new food ideas and planting and eating my share. Making my points about rejecting the corporate take over of our food source to my opinions about the New York food scene. LASTLY: No matter the size of my living area, I am always growing herbs & vegetables and enjoy the nurturing experiences of the growth to the nutritional value it gives from the table. View all posts by glenn van nostrand

24 responses to “No Butt’s About it, Metro is Filthy!

  • acekayaker

    It is really sad to see garbage and I too try to pick it up as often as I can. I live in a beautiful area and even in the woods and along beaches I find garbage that was carelessly left. Each of us should do our part! Thanks for a gentle reminder

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    • glenn van nostrand

      Thank you for reading and thank you for your words and thank you for being one of the good ones that pick up. I just don’t comprehend how people litter up their neighborhoods or someone else’s. It’s really sad.


  • glenn van nostrand

    @amoralegria Thank you for your response and you yourself being a conscience member of a tidy society. Litter is more than just an eye sore to me now, it hurts. It wears on me how we can just be so unconcerned and aloof about our world. It’s just downright sad.


  • amoralegria

    I too am very concerned with the litter problem. It seems to be getting worse – discarded plastic water bottles, no more than 10 ft. from a recycling container or trash can! Plastic bags, many of which get blown into trees and get stuck there. Beer cans and pizza boxes in the parking lot of a nearby park. Some of it is because when the trash collectors collect the garbage & recycling, some stray things fall out and onto the street. But then nobody picks them up! Good for you, taking a bag with you to pick stuff up! I always forget to grab one when I leave on a walk. Sometimes if the recycling bin or trash can is still by the street, I’ll pick up something and put it in one of them. Thank you for being a conscientious citizen!
    Thank you, too, for following my blog! I hope you enjoy my travel adventures!

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  • A Dude Abikes

    Thanks Glenn for your writing and for following my blog!

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  • Morpheus Zzz

    Glenn, I heard that in Japan you don’t see many public trash receptacles because people are taught to carry their trash back home. Even packs of chewing gum have some kind of holder built in for people to dispose of their used gum. It is known to be very clean there.

    I haven’t been there, and I didn’t take the time to look this up to see if this information is accurate; it’s just something my son told me. He is interested in Japan and its culture. Take it for what it’s worth.

    I remember as a kid in the 70s how much people littered, throwing things out of moving cars, etc. Then the big “Keep America Clean” campaign came out and things shifted. Sad to see the swing back in the area you like to walk.

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    • glenn van nostrand

      The Japanese are a classy society, very intelligent, cuisine beyond my palates understanding. Here in Forest Hills NY we have all Asians represented. China (Shanghai specifically), Koreans, Japanese.. and a few remaining Americans, loitsa Russians.. but NOBODYS cleaner than the Japanese. They’re a disciplined and advanced society, there’s no doubt.

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  • Viola Bleu

    Wow … there are no enough of your attitudes around … big respect to you.
    We live on a farm here in the UK and have regular deliveries into field gateways of old fridges and sofas and tyres, from so-called ‘house cleares’ who set up in business to ‘help’ elderly or unable people clear their houses and gardens, for a fee and who promise to ‘take away’ said rubbish.

    Guess where they should then take it? A council run refuse tip.
    Guess where they do in fact take it? 😡

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  • tanjabrittonwriter

    Why does anybody think it is ok to simply drop trash? I don’t get it. But good for you (and the world) for trying to make a difference by picking it up. If more of us kept doing this, it might solve at least part of the problem.

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    • glenn van nostrand

      @tanjabrittonwriter Hey, sorry for the late reply, can’t find anytime this past week.
      Litter really saddens me as it’s so easily controllable, but people just don’t seem to care. I’ve seen people drop a whole bag of fast food garbage out the window of a moving car on the avenue I wrote about..!! I don’t know what I can do to bring attentions to this thinking, or lack there of.

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  • olivesandfeta

    Why must people litter. I don’t understand it. 😔. It certainly is frustrating to see.

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