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Jack and St. Croix


Perched upon a well backed bar stool, it wasn’t the bar I was wanting to eat — because, as lore has it, sometimes the bar eats you.

Candice (Red) took to a powerful and passionate verbal onslaught of what St. James is about from the kitchen on forward. With the emphasis on original recipes, batters, breading and non-frozen foods, such as seafood dishes, that are not subject to the deep freeze. I listened intently, as its been ages since such a delivery was put to me, her eight years of service is a testament to how wonderful my dinner at St. James was.

The St. Croix Ribeye was Red’s soft and subtle suggestion, pineapple and other native tropical fruits created a uniquely bright, and very pleasing marinade. It has personality, it had kick and bite yet didn’t give away the steaks presences, it wasn’t a mask, it was a food relationship I’ve not known prior.

The loaded mashed potatoes and my Jack were along for the ride, sitting in the passengers seats as the St. Croix Rib-eye grabbed the wheel and punched the gas on a culinary expeditionary journey to Deliciousland.


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