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No Belgians for Christmas, please.

So you think you want a high drive puppy?
In theory this sounds good to some, but in reality, most people have not the skill level nor patience to handle such breeds. And at the top of the high drive list is the dog that I am writing about today, the Belgian Malinios.

It is said that this breed requires four times the work of a three year old child.if you can imagine that. Their high drive, both physical and mental, require the Belgian Malinios to be exercised and fully engaged during these regular walks,If you are not completely certain that you are able to handle the basic requirements I have set forth, you need to know that the Belgian Malinios is not the dog for you.

So why their recent popularity?
In mid 2015 Warner Brothers released a movie called Max (which is not surprisingly the name of the dog) and the main character that happens to be a Belgian Malinios. In the film, Max works with a special forces unit in the Middle East to locate insurgents, locate explosives and such. Tragically the dogs partner and trainer dies in combat and the dog returns to the USA to the dead Marines family. The decease Marines younger brother, after much effort, forms a tremendously loving bond with the dog and everyone lives happily after. This can happen in Hollywood but not in real life

Two weeks ago one of the 2000 Belgian Malinios (name yet to be released) that worked side by side with special forces members overseas helped take down the leader of ISIS. In 2011 a Belgian Malinios named Kyro with the NAVY’s Seal Team 6 played a major role in locating and taking down Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

Both of these events also created a buzz among the new dog owner community, but continue to have unfortunate and unintentional consequences for the dog.

You only have to look back a few years to see the overpopulation in shelters and rescues and worst of all, possibly euthanized. Marmaduke created more purchases of Great Dames, Beethoven for St. Bernard and when these movies come out, (let us not forget 1001 Dalmatians) potential dog owners tended to buy them.

The majority of dog owners should not buy this breed as 4 to 5 hours of stimulation, socialization and training would be necessary.If you purchase or adapt a St. Bernard, Great Dane or Dalmatian, you’ll likely be able to get away with 5 minutes twice a day then snuggle with you on the couch.

This is an intense breed that needs to be working drug detection, SEAL dogs, Police dogs. If you live to train dogs they get a Belgian, if that is not why you own dogs. But if you get a dog as a companion and to hang out with, please do not get a Belgian Malinios.