Monthly Archives: February 2020

Six Point Five Miles till Home.

Six point five miles from home and as I look at my phones GPS, I realize I am a step or two outside of Nassau County and I think to myself “I’ve never walked home from another county before”. Cold cheek biting windy weather, having to pass through a less than spectacular neighborhood — I like this plan and so I turned up my collar, pulled at my laces and welcomed the unknowns of the walk and I relished that feeling for a moment prior to setting my first step north by north west.

As I had hoped, I encountered some oddities and past memories of being here for the short stint in Holy Cross HS as a frosh waiting for the bus at 179th street, the last stop on the E or F, to go any further, its happening above ground.

Ducking in to Discount Wine and Liquor you know the street urchins are watching and wondering as my appearance smacks of out of town-ness, however, my walk says “I’ve been around” and if our eyes crossed and caught equal horizons this would cease to be a guess. But I am having fun, fun, fun and thought a little black spiced rum might just pep my step, I looked to my watch for double digit confirmation as having a drink beginning with a single digit is reserved for Mardi Gras.

The owner was the jolliest of fellows and snapped to from his far end counter position to warmly greet me and inquire as to my day and how it was going and I immediately liked the cut of this mans jib. We conversed briefly and I’d have enjoyed furthering it but the wind wasn’t gonna carry me home, so I paid and tucked and wished him a “fairly well” and continued my hike. Incredible selection of wines and liquors that could have you walking the aisles, reading labels or just looking at the pictures in which case the wine aisles are where you wanna be. Clean from aft to stern, well lit and prices that might be in my future travels for.