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2020 Reading Challenge

I have read 0 of 25 books for the 2020 Reading Challenge! What should I read next?

The New Normal in the USSA & Bernie in 2024

Uncle Winston’s Little Telegraph. 4th Edition

The New Normal in the USSA & Bernie in 2024. (Madoff not Sanders)

Check out “The New Normal” and let’s see what the Abnormal is doing to keep us in line feeling falsely safe and coming back like bad pennies, for temperature checks and a swab. Don’t tell me this “is the new normal” because I will not accept it, They are purposefully changing life as we know it — They are the Abnormals. I don’t believe a lick of what They say, to me They are shit shakers with lips as sharp and as ugly as barbed wire when they wiggle them incessantly

Uncle Winston really tries very hard to keep his article free of financial matter, but as I see it, the Bigs are taking everything and we, the tenderfeet, are fighting for their crumbs of a mustard and jelly sandwich.

As you should know, the facts are there, you got all the numbers — its public information –twisted and crooked – but public. The Fed is jacking off their balance sheet till infinity and beyond — pumping the cheap money in us baby, but it isn’t feeling good anymore. Remember when cheap money was fun? It was like – you know – like—free and stuff and—like– it felt so good and we felt respectable. But the game has changed and the game is rigged and depending on how deep you chose to dive down in it, you’ll need more than a bailout lifejacket to get above water. I still firmly stick to my idea that we should not have thrown Bernie Madoff in jail — what we should have done is make him the Secretary of the Treasury – because he has the experience we need in these matters.

What else on the market front? Hey—oil prices are going further down down down — oh yea, that market is rigged as well, cheap gas now but you’ll pay later, not at the pump but prepare to get pumped. And here’s some encouraging news from here in the USSA as companies cut a record 20.2 million jobs in April and some ninny’s that I know are investing in “bounce back” lifeless and hopeless common stock. Not at all considering that this just might be America’s farewell tour and they should buy survival gear instead, their new supreme value assets and can we pay the jobless claims? Anybody? Bueller? “ohh ohh, I know the answer” it’s a confident NO

So I believe that there is not a better time to buy that round trip ticket for the woodlands or the one way to L.A. or Las Vegas – and “go out with a bang” as they say, pop that pill and take that ride with that mask applied and roll the dice with Fido’s shots or Amy’s tuition. Your odds are better than in the Wall Street casino, I promise you that. But who wants to travel without their own wheels or wings these days anyway? Traveling sucks — mainly because I prefer to get felt up by the honeys at home and not the FAA at the terminal.

Let’s be the tireless minority that doesn’t believe this crap and the more people that read these articles, the more I can write – so please pass it along. Enjoy your day and thank you.

Disgusted but not Discouraged,

Uncle Winston.