Scientifically PROVEN to be as Addictive as Cheetos Dust.

So, what about my life past and present would sway someone to follow the writings of my blog, Twitter, Tumblr and my overdue manual, which I will talk about in my future writings. But keep a watchful eye out as it may appear at any time.

Experience of growing foods from seed to vine ripe consumable food, a vast knowledge of wines, beer brewer, sailboat live-aboard for eight months catching and cooking the fruits of the sea, Can you hear the sounds of Jimmy Buffets orchestra singing ‘One Particular Harbor’? I owned my own bistro (Et Cetera Gourmet) and people think I am a good cook.

A quick snippet about Et Cetera: Opening my own food service business was met with one difficulty after another, as this was no turn key operation. Obstacles aside, from interior design to food selections I felt it was an expression of who I was as a person at the time. Customers would enter the parking lot twenty minutes before lunch and would wait an additional thirty minutes for a table. Their reasons would vary but not within that wide of a range, as the most common denominator was the level to which I would go to make my customers happy. This was immensely important as my partner could screw up a cup of coffee and often did. Some people in life are better off taking orders and leaving the thinking to the proper person, me, but I will not fan that ember in this piece.

Logging many hours in my personal kitchen as well as plugging into one of my constituents restaurants, when a position on the line comes up vacant with an hour until dinner.

As the author of this blog, I encourage to give me a try as my intentions are to keep my writings vivid and continuous with a penchant for pleasing my readers, so feel free to reach out and message me with your thoughts, I would love to hear from you.

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