Bomb Cyclone – Bomb Genesis:

A snowstorm wasn’t the first thing that came to mind as an Orlando resident friend texted me to ask “are you ready for It?:

Having no idea what the term meant, I read a bit. Essentially when barometric pressure drops, winds increase — equals a Bomb Cyclone super snowstorm.

The media didt stir the story, it wasn’t a story because the storm arrived fast. What was originally thought to be a “three to fiver” became a “six to ten” and then “ten to twelve” all within a half of a days time.

Grayson was not a befitting name for such a storm, it just isn’t a tough enough name. Greystoke “Bomb Genesis” — on the other hand certainly is.

The storm was more fierce most all we endure here in the northeast winter months. The wind blew hard, the accumulations were swift, the snowndrifts in certain spots where well above my knee.

Venturing out to neighbors homes to dig them out, as is my self assigned civic duty, and proceeded to shovel out eight. Eight walkways, eight stoops, eight drivewsys.

Side Rant and a question at the end.

These folks play a game of ‘I didn’t know you shoveled’, as if magically the snow removes itself from driveways, walkways and stoops. They play this game every snowfall. I’ve never done it for any money, I like the exercise, and I’m the only person around who will do it. No kiddos come around with shovels in hand anymore.

I must admit, I’m still slightly bothered by the fact that not one of these folks reached out to say “thank you”. And I must admit, I think each time a snow storm arrives that I should stop assisting them. But there is an element of guilt I feel knowing that they are mostly old and dont move around well.

So, what do I do?

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