By Their Drinks, You Will Know Them.


Whenever possible, a review of your surroundings will always provide beneficial. Taking a little time to notice small, seemingly inconsequential details can be rewarding to your approach. Buying a lady a drink is a classy gesture, but knowing what is behind her drink of choice can provide insight into the type of lady you are working with. Listed below are some examples of that have been my experience regarding the lady and the drink of choice:

Drink Choice = Beer.

Personality: Generally very casual, lower maintenance, a down to earth gal.

Approach Technique: No need to put on Aires, this gal is low maintenance. The type that will pull a fish barehanded out of the surf and cook it right up on an open flame. Less is more when trying to grab her attention and spend time with her.


Drink Choice = Blended drinks (daiquiris)

Personality: Flakey, whiney, pain in the ass

Approach Technique: Avoid her


Drink Choice: Mixed Drinks

Personality: Knows exactly what she wants, refined, potentially high maintenance and usually very picky

Approach Technique: Proceed with caution, more data needs to be gathered such as conversation she is having, who she is in the company of.


Drink Choice: Wine (red or white, not white zinfandel)

Personality: Conservative lifestyle, classy and usually sophisticated but and tends to giggle a lot.

Approach Technique (refer to chapter #) also tell her you love to travel and enjoy evenings cooking and preparing meals for friends.


Drink Choice: White Zinfandel

Personality: Thinks she’s classy and sophisticated, yet has no clue that she is neither. Easier to get her phone number and if the attraction is there, generally easy to take home.

Approach Technique: Make her feel smarter than she is and this is your easiest target.

 Whiskey, Bourbon, Champagne, Cognac and Rum…. To Be Added SOON…

Drink Choice: Shots

Personality: Likes to hang out with the college, frat boy crowd and is looking to get totally intoxicated… and naked.

Approach Technique: Easiest girl in the joint if you can get her attention for more than 5 minutes which might require some waiting.

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