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Gettin’ Loose at The Tattooed Moose

The House Burger & The Duck Fries.





“If the parking lot is any indication of what is to be inside — we’re not getting seated for a while”, were my pre-hostess thoughts. Luckily a group of eight were just leaving as we entered — four two tops were separated and readied.

Not five minutes later, the live music fires up, I’m directly infront of it, the lighting is rather low for 3:00 Saturday afternoon — bad weather played a role.
Point being — I struggled a bit reading the menu and struggled a tad more hearing complete sentences.
Grade of ‘B+’ to have such good live music playing so early.

Moosehead was allegedly on tap, excited –we both ordered pints, but they came to us tasting off. We both knew it was not Moosehead, and tasted like a skunky Miller, significant disappointment there. Transitioning into Pabst Blue Ribbon 16’s, the cans were frosted, but the beer was sort of coolish in temperature, that did not thrill us either. The less modest beer prices are excelkent!
Many craft beers are available that I shall try next go round.
A grade of ‘C-‘ for the beer thus far.

If I hear that “I Must Order the Duck Fries” one more time, I’m gonna scream, it’s all heard when Tatooed Moose is mentioned. The fries were on the soft side, very pliable, the garlic and cheese pour-on masked this a bit, not to me. A grade of ‘C-‘ for the fries.

I thought to keep the main course as free from complications for myself, the menu had some very interesting looming items, most of all that I intend on eating, I went ‘ole reliable’ — house burger it is. (Tatooed Moose Burger) with a runny egg on top. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Once it arrived, grabbing for the phone to photo, didn’t cross my mind and once I had the double patties (standard) hoisted high, I went in. Conversation is still rattling, the band is still jamming, people are enjoying — I was in my own little world eating this wonderfully prepared hamburger.
A grade of ‘B+’ for the house burger.

The service deserves so much more than a simple one liner, yet it encapsulates the entire experience as I found it to be.

All who pitched in at our table, perhaps five in total, checking in, clearing, smiling all the way — You all stole the show.

Better service — I do not believe we could have had.