Fifteen Minutes to The City.


Having to endure the subway experience for much of my life always leaves me thinking of what’s been an overall unpleasant transportation situation. From payment to platform to the problems below that are likely to occur, what will I encounter this descent is always a question when plunging down the steps into a burst of warmish air.

Sitting on the R local, believing I’ll shave a few ride time minutes from the M local, I began thinking about my thirty years of riding theNYC MTA’s subway system even deeper, my straphangers history if you will.

As a younger man, I was whisked away from boring Queens into The City in fifteen minutes. Ya see, we never refer to Manhattan as Manhattan, it’s always been The City, it’s become generational. The West Village was always my starting point for years, West 4th was a interesting place in the late 80’s to say the least.

The next chapter of my subway experiences revolved solely around commuting to and from, no trips for pleasure, as riding the train more than twice a day, sure takes it’s toll.

Now I take the subway for Fifteen Minutes into the City for pleasure once again. Holiday shows, dinners, events, museums and more. But the filthy dirty stations,  trains and tracks remain the same although it still only takes fifteen minutes. Fifteen Minutes to The City sure has changed, but has It really?

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