Kentucky Interstate 75

An hour into driving up Interstate 75 branching off from I71 at the Tennesee border — I’m finally seeing the Blue Grass of Kentucky that I’ve read about. And purple and yellow wildflowers run along the black roadside right and center, I know its only a matter of time though before it ends, or could they continue to Covington one hundred and fifty miles away? I wondered.

Beyond the brush thats set past the green grasses, there’s a big chestnut brown mare in front of a big white barn. He’s alone in a field and seems anxious, looking about and beyond his pasture of hilly and rugged terrain.

The deeper into the state I drive, more horse farms appear, all enclosed behind modest white fences. The fences seem to be running the remaining length of my drive, one picking up where the last one left off and two more hours to drive.

Passing exit signs for the big two state universities of Louisville and Kentucky, I was tempted to stop and walk around campus. College campuses are at their peak of beauty in fall and spring and I’ve visited a few from San Diego State to Yale, from Colorado State to Brown and many in between, but time was not to allow it.

Interstate 75 though Covington over the Ohio River via Spence Brent Bridge. We stopped to take a look around. The ferry boats, steam set far down below, very viable, like the pictures in our childhood school books of our youth.


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