Urban Umbrella Combat.

How to Kick an Attacker’s Arse with an Umbrella Whilst Staying Dry:

Materials: end point quill materials are about the single must important factor when choosing proper NYC weather weaponry. The stronger the material — say — metal versus plastic, the better the penetrating power and less likely to bend, snap off or compromise in some way than the plastic or wood would.

Length: Shaft length and material must be of sturdy material and well handled, meaning a proper grip size to ensure comfort.

Umbrella Size: I recommend not exceeding a shaft length of 35 inches and not below 25 non folding inches.

Self Defense: When in close quarters, hold the umbrella from its mid point with the tip angles slightly varying from upwards, level or downwards depending of the aggressors point of weakness and stance. This will allow for a separation strike or hard poke to the groin or to the center of the chest. For longer rain drenched strikes grip from the handles end allowing the handle to roll over from a wrist up starting and striking with the wrist finishing in a downward position. Look to strike at the back of the temple, so you don’t come up short and miss. Create a soft comfortable grip as if holding a bird until your ready to strike your target, be at the ready at all times.If the aggressor charges to take your weapon, swing length is not relevant. Readjust hand position to the butt of the umbrella ready to poke strike the aggressor lower than his chest, at his belt buckle.

Non combat use: A double canopy is preferred as the extra venting will allow a strong up-burst of wind to be released, without flipping the top in a convex shape and thereby destroying it entirely.

Proper care and storage: Check that skeleton is lined up with the cover and do take the time to properly roll the leaves over each other before securing with the double Velcro holding straps when preparing for storage.

For any more specific questions, please feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you.


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