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The New Normal in the USSA & Bernie in 2024

Uncle Winston’s Little Telegraph. 4th Edition

The New Normal in the USSA & Bernie in 2024. (Madoff not Sanders)

Check out “The New Normal” and let’s see what the Abnormal is doing to keep us in line feeling falsely safe and coming back like bad pennies, for temperature checks and a swab. Don’t tell me this “is the new normal” because I will not accept it, They are purposefully changing life as we know it — They are the Abnormals. I don’t believe a lick of what They say, to me They are shit shakers with lips as sharp and as ugly as barbed wire when they wiggle them incessantly

Uncle Winston really tries very hard to keep his article free of financial matter, but as I see it, the Bigs are taking everything and we, the tenderfeet, are fighting for their crumbs of a mustard and jelly sandwich.

As you should know, the facts are there, you got all the numbers — its public information –twisted and crooked – but public. The Fed is jacking off their balance sheet till infinity and beyond — pumping the cheap money in us baby, but it isn’t feeling good anymore. Remember when cheap money was fun? It was like – you know – like—free and stuff and—like– it felt so good and we felt respectable. But the game has changed and the game is rigged and depending on how deep you chose to dive down in it, you’ll need more than a bailout lifejacket to get above water. I still firmly stick to my idea that we should not have thrown Bernie Madoff in jail — what we should have done is make him the Secretary of the Treasury – because he has the experience we need in these matters.

What else on the market front? Hey—oil prices are going further down down down — oh yea, that market is rigged as well, cheap gas now but you’ll pay later, not at the pump but prepare to get pumped. And here’s some encouraging news from here in the USSA as companies cut a record 20.2 million jobs in April and some ninny’s that I know are investing in “bounce back” lifeless and hopeless common stock. Not at all considering that this just might be America’s farewell tour and they should buy survival gear instead, their new supreme value assets and can we pay the jobless claims? Anybody? Bueller? “ohh ohh, I know the answer” it’s a confident NO

So I believe that there is not a better time to buy that round trip ticket for the woodlands or the one way to L.A. or Las Vegas – and “go out with a bang” as they say, pop that pill and take that ride with that mask applied and roll the dice with Fido’s shots or Amy’s tuition. Your odds are better than in the Wall Street casino, I promise you that. But who wants to travel without their own wheels or wings these days anyway? Traveling sucks — mainly because I prefer to get felt up by the honeys at home and not the FAA at the terminal.

Let’s be the tireless minority that doesn’t believe this crap and the more people that read these articles, the more I can write – so please pass it along. Enjoy your day and thank you.

Disgusted but not Discouraged,

Uncle Winston.

Uncle Winston’s Little Telegraph #2 “Hope has passed on”

To: Readers new to Uncle Winston’s opinions on the future of America with or without the Covid influence.

Uncle Winston in no way shares this cultures baseless hope for a future of plenty — not at all. Open your eyes to state of deterioration, driven on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE) lately? Been to a public school recently? And now we are seeing the implications of our fat faced decisions which will soon become quite gaunt and shallow as our thoughts become hollow as we tune in and watch THEM talk. What is this unfounded, unrealistic mania for hope about anyway?

Here’s a radical thought — go out and talk with your neighbors, the destruction of social bonds will destroy us quicker than THEY can, don’t hollow yourself out from the inside out. Social bonds are necessary to humans, it gives us pride and a sense of place so break the texting bond. You’re becoming a synthetic and hollow person, one that can raise their hand and watch as the sunlight passes right thru it. Look around you, as you might be next to the black candle lit altar to be sacrificed as THEIR goal is to create a hollow society of hollow man and hollow women, don’t do it to yourself, rise above it and resist it. My advice to anyone asking to practice resistance rather than false hope and read about W.E.B. DuBois rather than watching us kill another country on television.

Gossip is their money maker and their drug of choice to push upon us is propaganda, so sit back, pour yourself a drink and watch the destruction of our digitally and morally debased culture. Feed on the hate and disgust of this world as we slip slide deeper into modern day serfdom, the new weapon of war against the middle class already proven successful against the poor. There is no magic pill, no magic candidate, no magic policy, no magic Jesus to solve this.

Swipe for a date, upload your self-enchanted self-absorbed selfies and wait for that tap of the heart to fill yours for that three seconds of pleasure, all substituting for social bonds. And we are externally cowering to THEM and their words and at the same time inviting anxiety into our party, welcoming snakes into our Eden. Our society is further apart than ever in my recollection and we were so close just a few short weeks ago.

Al my best,

Uncle Winston.

Uncle Winston’s Little Telegraph #3 A Secret Grief

As the days grow on, things feel tacky to my touch, a creeping malaise, and it’s my mind’s eye exaggerating the rubbish ideas and trying harder to playing tricks as I still remain secure in my conviction that this is more of a media creation, and less of an outbreak. Perhaps it’s the masked and sterile gloved hands that give current life its tackiness. The same bodies that quickly step away fast once another body is spotted headed in their direction and without so much as a quick eye to eye interaction as if the infected could and would want to transmit sickness through light.
The great majority of my town folk now throw around the word “pandemic” commonly, without a dry mouth or a pre-swallow if there is any spit left. It is now a common word and we all remember when the word was new and frightening all the way back in mid-March. Such manifestations of national illnesses are as old as time, as common as wars which thankfully, few if any of us have been exposed to first hand. Yet somehow in today’s age of scientific innovations and medical advancements, we still find it so easy to believe we are affected from one such contagion (Covid) that come crashing down on us from a clear blue sky or the bat market in China.
Stupidity has a way of getting its way, we are so believing in pestilence, a bogie of the mind from one bad dream to another. Our town’s folk are still believing, they are consumed by it and silence and avoidance seems to still be their current way of exchanging ideas and chit chat, rather than gathering together – I recognize this still with their bodies vague (and not so vague) unease.
How many of us have actually seen an individual dead from Covid? (non medically trained) I for one have not, so the pictures and video have little substance to me unless I see one up close with the blotches or prevailing infliction that Covid has done to them and taken them by. One can hardly know what it is on the other side of the dead skin mask, other than that they are a mere puff of smoke you might conjure up in your mind as you watch the tele, those unfortunate souls set within the anonymous black body bags, after all how many of us know 10,000 faces or whatever the annual influenza number of deceased count totals per year here in Queens New York
Yes, in conclusion, as I look out the window I see them shuttered inside, I know that their patience hangs by a thread wondering when They will flick the economies light switch, to turn the machines and people back on – will it be so easy? Yet at the same time too scared and too unsure to make that brave move that might snap the final thread of Their holding string.
There is a tranquil radiance of a clear blue sky outside, yet the word is echoing still in their minds “pandemic.” There is a bright future in the radiance, there is no future in being scared. Fix your minds on the real facts and think for yourself.

Looks Like You’ve had a bit too Much to Think Son

Both parties and even the deprived Independent and/or Green Party are out to seize full power, more specifically – to dictate power, yet at the same time, a flight of courage to speak negatively against America lurks in the gut of many Americans. People say that there is something wrong with those that speak out, perhaps brand them as a “domestic terrorist” — and to all that know about my writings, I have been quietly yet continuously gibbering about the lack of condemning voices. Under no circumstances should you feel like a suspect thinking what I have been thinking and writing this today some years later as we are quarantined and as the herd mentality believes what the federal, state and local government have been feeding y’all continues. But you still race blindly to tune in and consume it. How long will you tow the “apple pie and Chevrolet” line and what do you think you’ll pull in? Will what’s at the end be better with their meddling?

America today seems to me to be the most paranoid and insecure country on Earth as newspaper briefings are full of suspicion and mistrust of the other side and each other. And perhaps my words are losing their meaning to myself as I see some local military maneuvering in the shadows with the idea to keep people where they want us to be for however long they want us to be there – closed doored and close lipped. That my friends is pushing the needle to the other end of the emotion gauge away from paranoia and onto reality – this is my opinion.
Administrations past and present, with the past being the main offenders as power becomes centralized and super agencies are created and lead by super cabinet appointees, these are typically connected civilians, the likes and history of which we never seem to know anything about. Our enjoyment of freedom of information to attain, freedom of speech to talk publicly is a dark place to venture into, could Covid19 be a part, keeping people from gathering and talking about their thoughts and ideas?
Instead, tune in and march to the drumbeat of celebrity television news and their propaganda and view with eyes fixed to silly popular opinion as the wizard is operating the buttons and levers behind the curtain as the corporate thievery continues. If you just think for yourselves you just might come to know that reality needs a reappraisal, just readjust and research for yourselves, I can not stress this enough.
Feel the beating crescendo of years ago and wait and watch for the rolling of the wheels of the tanks coming down your street – if not Americas past as we are still so young, the echo of years ago from places we have read about and swore to be nothing like. Suck that flag, kiss the goat. For no longer will you be able to question the words of this new authority, but this is not a rebirth of anything, this is all new, the Covid World and its making people behave differently, their will to do what they think is right hangs by a thread.

Six Point Five Miles till Home.

Six point five miles from home and as I look at my phones GPS, I realize I am a step or two outside of Nassau County and I think to myself “I’ve never walked home from another county before”. Cold cheek biting windy weather, having to pass through a less than spectacular neighborhood — I like this plan and so I turned up my collar, pulled at my laces and welcomed the unknowns of the walk and I relished that feeling for a moment prior to setting my first step north by north west.

As I had hoped, I encountered some oddities and past memories of being here for the short stint in Holy Cross HS as a frosh waiting for the bus at 179th street, the last stop on the E or F, to go any further, its happening above ground.

Ducking in to Discount Wine and Liquor you know the street urchins are watching and wondering as my appearance smacks of out of town-ness, however, my walk says “I’ve been around” and if our eyes crossed and caught equal horizons this would cease to be a guess. But I am having fun, fun, fun and thought a little black spiced rum might just pep my step, I looked to my watch for double digit confirmation as having a drink beginning with a single digit is reserved for Mardi Gras.

The owner was the jolliest of fellows and snapped to from his far end counter position to warmly greet me and inquire as to my day and how it was going and I immediately liked the cut of this mans jib. We conversed briefly and I’d have enjoyed furthering it but the wind wasn’t gonna carry me home, so I paid and tucked and wished him a “fairly well” and continued my hike. Incredible selection of wines and liquors that could have you walking the aisles, reading labels or just looking at the pictures in which case the wine aisles are where you wanna be. Clean from aft to stern, well lit and prices that might be in my future travels for.

Songs Dumplings

My neighbor and I took a leisurely walk due north for our monthly meal on Metro to catch up on the goings on in our lives. Having lost a few restaurants in the last two years, it is wonderful to see new eateries open their doors offering new cuisines and dumplings are a first up in here, admittedly, Songs is not very new

I have strong affections for dumplings as another Chinese neighbor introduced me well and he and I would travel by car to College Point (10 miles as the crow flies) at least once a month for the tasty little two bite sized morsels and the food fit for kings.

Songs menu offers a nice variety of soup and pan seared dumplings of shrimp, pork, chicken all with translatable vegetables tucked neatly inside. The soup noodles require just a little prick upon the back edge, tip back and partially drain into the soup spoon, add sauce. Oh, and don’t forget to grab the dumpling by the tippy top tho, lest the liquid weight compromise the structure and possibly drop like a mini water balloon stretched to its max with hot liquid upon your lap.

If my chop stick technique didn’t impressed the server/counter person this clearly must have, yet showed no signs of interest in the fact that I own my very own pair, two in fact with the soy sauce cup and stand and satin bag, tough crowd. Speaking of sauces, there was a party of dipping sauces going on behind me on a particular table and I had to have them all and I did

There is an option to order three types of shumai, four of each which we did with a mistaken order eucalyptus encases rices which perplexed us both but were quickly eaten and forgotten about.

All this while watching a bit of highly guyish TV with Oklahoma football followed by The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers on the big screen. Watching Man and Elves battle Orcs for middle earth over a finishing Jasmine tea? God Bless America and see ya later College Point.

The Repair Shop in Forest Hills, NY

Everyone uses The Repair Shop

Anyone that even remotely has previewed my reviews knows I have it in for the mega box store multinationals and I take great pride and pleasure in doing so. Turn the calendar back one half a generation to a time when you knew the butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker and all the other merchants near your homes. You knew their names and they knew yours, chances were good they knew a bit about your family as you did theirs, relationships mattered.

After my phone and a New York City deep murky street corner puddle met each other’s acquaintance earlier this week, I was online and not very ready nor enthusiastic to begin the pain staking process of purchasing a new phone. My Samsung J7 wound not turn on, the screen looked like a crystallized spider’s web and as I am walking to work, at that very moment, I pass a store called The Repair Shop and I decide to go in and ask a few questions about a new phone, still under the misconception that the bell has tolled for my Samsung.

Inside this slender store are three customers spread about, each with their own separate needs, all technology related and all are being serviced simultaneously. I’m watching The Repair Shops owner field questions, give the answers as he methodically multitasks mechanically with their devices. I hear the conversations, all of which were to the tune of an existing relationship, tipping towards friendship to two customers. Opening the phone cases as quickly as peanuts in the ball park, then some rapid hand motions of repair, then the screws back in, case closed and all of this while two incoming phone calls were taken, appointments set. One was for the very same evening’s pickup in an hour, as the wooden encased clock upon the wall (an antique from the 1920’s) struck fifteen after seven pm.
Clean as if sterilized, I was back with phone, a remarkable technological resurrection saving myself time, money and best of all, to this old soul, a shop where they know my name and a place where my injured electronics will be going hence forth.

Keeping your dog safe during Christmas

One of the great temptations your dog will come across during the holiday season is all of the glittery, shiny and interesting decorations hanging upon your Christmas tree. Your dog will be exposed these ornaments for at least a month and depending on the age of your dog, the younger the more curious minded typically, they might mistake one, or a few of them, for a play toy.
1. Tinsel and sparkly ornamental balls are especially attractive to your dog and certainly are for a puppy, so place these decorations as well as the lights higher up upon the tree. Ingesting any of these items, chewing on wires can cause serious damage and few vetenarians will be working Christmas Day.
2. Speaking of trees, keep your Christmas tree corners of the room you intend to set them in, you don’t want the tree to come crashing down upon your precious pup and the corner of a room creates some border so the tree can only fall one way if at all. (Artificial are our preference here at RAWk9 as ingested pine needles are hazardous to your dog)
3. Not only are pine needles and tinsel dangerous for your dog, holly and mistletoe are very harmful to dog as well if ingested.
4. Unfortunately all that we use to wrap gifts (wrapping paper and bows) will be seen as toys to your dogs. Ingesting will also cause harmful blockages, so please clear as you go along. Additionally high shelves for candle placement and a good sturdy screen if you have a fire place.

Keeping your dog happy during Christmas when visiting:
1. Be sure to know the house rules in the home where you will be visiting. It is possible dogs are not permitted on the furniture, feeding from the table, etc. So talk to your host ahead of time.
2. If your host has a dog in the house and the dogs are unfamiliar with each other, be sure to introduce them outside of the house and allow for enough time that each is comfortable in each other’s presence prior to having them loose within the house.
3. Bring along a favorite toy or two and something with your scent on it like a shirt to create an effective “private space” for your dog in another room where he or she can go to lay down and relax at the appropriate time of your choosing.
4. Don’t to forget to spend that important one on one time with your dog by keeping his walking time routine intact if possible and also take a nice pre and post dinner walk. This will make your dog aware that he or she is still your priority and they might even tire out a bit enough to curl into a ball and sleep away a few hours.
5. Christmas doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking for your dog at all especially when there are fun ways to include your dog in the day’s celebrations. Encourage your friends and family to join in playing your dog’s favorite games or walk and have them walk with you and your dog through the neighborhood and to the local park. Your dog will be physically and mentally tired from the exercise which is a stress reliever for them.
6. Has you and your dog been in training or playing a new sport or even just working on a few new tricks this year? If so, why not plan a small talent show? It is a fun way to show your dog’s new talents and impress your friends. And if there are multiple dogs at your holiday gathering you can even organize a family trick contest, so be sure to have prizes on-hand for the winner!

No Belgians for Christmas, please.

So you think you want a high drive puppy?
In theory this sounds good to some, but in reality, most people have not the skill level nor patience to handle such breeds. And at the top of the high drive list is the dog that I am writing about today, the Belgian Malinios.

It is said that this breed requires four times the work of a three year old child.if you can imagine that. Their high drive, both physical and mental, require the Belgian Malinios to be exercised and fully engaged during these regular walks,If you are not completely certain that you are able to handle the basic requirements I have set forth, you need to know that the Belgian Malinios is not the dog for you.

So why their recent popularity?
In mid 2015 Warner Brothers released a movie called Max (which is not surprisingly the name of the dog) and the main character that happens to be a Belgian Malinios. In the film, Max works with a special forces unit in the Middle East to locate insurgents, locate explosives and such. Tragically the dogs partner and trainer dies in combat and the dog returns to the USA to the dead Marines family. The decease Marines younger brother, after much effort, forms a tremendously loving bond with the dog and everyone lives happily after. This can happen in Hollywood but not in real life

Two weeks ago one of the 2000 Belgian Malinios (name yet to be released) that worked side by side with special forces members overseas helped take down the leader of ISIS. In 2011 a Belgian Malinios named Kyro with the NAVY’s Seal Team 6 played a major role in locating and taking down Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

Both of these events also created a buzz among the new dog owner community, but continue to have unfortunate and unintentional consequences for the dog.

You only have to look back a few years to see the overpopulation in shelters and rescues and worst of all, possibly euthanized. Marmaduke created more purchases of Great Dames, Beethoven for St. Bernard and when these movies come out, (let us not forget 1001 Dalmatians) potential dog owners tended to buy them.

The majority of dog owners should not buy this breed as 4 to 5 hours of stimulation, socialization and training would be necessary.If you purchase or adapt a St. Bernard, Great Dane or Dalmatian, you’ll likely be able to get away with 5 minutes twice a day then snuggle with you on the couch.

This is an intense breed that needs to be working drug detection, SEAL dogs, Police dogs. If you live to train dogs they get a Belgian, if that is not why you own dogs. But if you get a dog as a companion and to hang out with, please do not get a Belgian Malinios.